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When Sisters, Heather and Tracy, decided to open a candy store in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, they knew that they wanted to go with an old-time candy store theme and offer favorites from one's childhood.

The Hammock Shops Village was the perfect location for their venture, as it has been a popular tourist attraction for shoppers since the 1930's. The available space was a perfect match, with its decor of hand-hewn beams, fireplace, and slate floor. There is now a wonderful cottage charm and plenty of old-time atmosphere with the wooden candy barrels, glass jars, even a gas pump gumball machine.


"Wow! is the most common word we hear when customers enter the store," says Tracy. "It's exciting to see the adults' eyes light up just as much as the children's."
"People are amazed at the variety of old-fashion candy we stock," tells Heather. "They often claim that they were not aware that many of the selections were still being made."
Some of the most popular favorites are Mary Janes, Necco Wafers, Bullseyes, Bit-O-Honey, Squirrel Nut Zippers, Beamans and Black Jack Chewing Gum. Along with the retro favorites, it's fun to sample the latest sour blasts and sprays, Baby Bottle Pops, Kandy Teef, Nerds, and Wonder Balls.
The chocoholic is well cared for with a gorgeous as well as delicious display of Mark Avenue gourmet delights or a box of dreamy Lake Champlain truffles.
There is truly something for everyone at The Candy Cottage. A vast array of tasty sugar-free candy is available, or one might choose a slinky, pick-up sticks, or rag doll from the classic toy section. The "eye-candy" corner is also delicious with the latest trends in surf and boutique jewelry.
When visiting one of the oldest resorts in America, a trip to The Candy Cottage is a must. There is no question as to why it's called "the sweetest place in Pawleys Island."

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